Workspace slightly off

My Maslow, “Maysie” has been working great. She has been well calibration however she seems to think the workspace is lower on we control than how it is sitting in real life.

I wanted to use up some remaining areas of my well used sheet of ply. I designed and measured the center on carbide create then measured it out and marked center on the workpiece. The cut was going to be near the top.

I aligned Maysie perfectly on the marked center and saved home. When I loaded the gcode if showed off the top of the board on we control. Maybe 1/4".

When I marked the material I gave a 1/4" buffer from the top edge. So, I shrugged and went along with the cut.

Maysie did not cut the shape of the design and it seemed like the area that was off the board in webcontrol was cut off. She just cut straight across the top not attempting to cut the angles that showed slightly off the board.

Any Ideas on How I fix the board being off center compared to webcontrol?

Is this the correct behavior to shoot straight across instead of following a cut that goes “out-of-bounds?”

I believe that the setting which sets how far the motors are above the sheet is the one that you want.