Setting Sprockets & Chains w/12ft headboard

We have a 12ft head board. We are attempting to set sprockets and chains with WebControl. When we follow the instructions from a YouTube video created for this step we are about 18inches short of where we think the chain should end.
We did the quick configure with Maslow linkage, chain off top, distance between motors 3627.438mm, and above workspace 457.2mm.
When we go to extend the chain the number is automatically set to 1651.
What can be done to extend the length of chain to reach center of workspace?

Thanks in advance.

in the top menu it is settings -> advanced settings:

Change the extend chain distance to be a multiple of 6.35 mm. If you need 18 inches more, then add 450 or so… try 2032 and see if that works. Or you can search more on the forum and see what the recommended number is for 12’ chain first extension. I don’t recall the number, but pick one that works and it should be fine.

I’ve got a 12’ header, my chain length is set to 2159 and it ends up right about the center of the work space. I understand that the number needs to be an even multiple of 6.35 (chain pitch). 2032 and 2286 was too long but both seem to be valid numbers.

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Thank you very much. I now have the chains and sprockets set and ready for calibration. My next delima is that of the z axis. When I go to Holey Calibration, the router bit moves to touch the work surface. This seems incorrect as it leaves no clearance for movement. Also, when I hit the “home” button in WebControl, the z axis moves away from the work surface to a point in which it begins to skip.
How do I set the z axis to zero??

Click the z then press zero

Do you mean select the z axis button on the home screen of WebControl? I have done that, it brings up a screen and already has zero typed in the box.

Is it at zero… Even with the bottom of the sled?