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Shaft Coupler for R2202 eastbaysource

I was gifted a full kit maslow CNC for my birthday in Feb 2020, and I have just gotten to opening the box and setting it up. However, I ran into a couple of problems,

  1. The Router /z-axis motor shaft coupler seems to be too small to fit the shaft. It fits the router (Ridgid R2202) just fine. I saw some posts earlier that indicated that just use a drill bit and make the hole larger. But I am wary of that solution as, if I were to use a larger drill bit then it would be lose.
    Has anyone had this particular problem ?

  2. I think they missed packing the Packet 3 which consists of the s hooks, pulleys and sprockets . Since its been over 6 months would it be possible to get any assistance with getting those parts ?


Thanks in advance for any assistance for this.

for the s hooks and sprockets that they attach to, go with a clothsline pully
from your local big box hardware store, it just works better.

David Lang

We’re very sorry to hear that your kit was not complete. Expired warranty is not an issue, we will mail you the missing parts ASAP.


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