.DWG versions of the final parts?

I ordered the kit, and it’s due to arrive probably sometime in February, so I have time to plan.

I’m more familiar with CAD drawings in .DWG/.DXF format, and SVG is somewhat alien to me. Is there a DWG version of the drawing files somewhere? I’ve been considering shopping around for a place to produce the sled, etc ahead of time, and possibly in metal (aluminum?).

Is there a reason (beyond cost) that would make seasoned Maslow users cringe in agony at the idea? Something I’m not thinking of?

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I am planning to use a laser cut metal sled. @aluminumwelder has a guy that he’s used before that I contacted as well. I have not had time to finish my sled design as yet, so am not sure what the final cost will be. I am planning to have 1/8" or 1/4" steel cut for the sled and then threading the holes to attach the router, z-axis, and such. On the bottom I am planning to attach arcs of 1/4" HDPE to reduce friction.

I’m interested to see what you decide on.

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I built a sled that had the weight arranged symmetrically around it, and found that it really needed some extra weight at the bottom when used with the triangular attachments. Without the weight it would gradually twist to ride against one of the chains and cause a small offset in the geometry. It only took a couple pounds to overcome it, though.

Good to know! Thanks @blurfl

Here’s a dwg file of all of the parts!

CNC Cut List.dwg (108.2 KB)

If you want to play around with them more or generate that file on your own, here is a link to the CAD file for the machine:


My only reservation about having a metal sled made is that as we keep improving the design it might become obsolete, while you can always cut yourself a new wood one


My router base has a place to attach a horizontal rod for some of the jigs they sell. I made a bracket for my z-axis that attaches to that, so the z-axis bracket isn’t in the way of any of the linkages, and comes with the router base if I change sleds.


That is so slick @blurfl!! I didn’t even consider using that hole as an attachment point…brilliant!

Is that the recommended Rigid router? If so, that’s awesome and I will definitely be copying that!
Do you have another shot of it from the vacuum port side? Just wanted to get a look at the shape you made the plywood. I figure no reason to reinvent the wheel if you solved it already.

That shape was to avoid one of those symmetrically-placed weights I mentioned :smile:. Nothing special about it. I did have to search to the bottom of the old-screw bin for the set-screw, it’s a metric thread, not sure of the size. A screw left over from some IKEA kitchen cabinet handles fit.

Good to know it’s metric, I should have something hanging around.

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Great idea @blurfl :slight_smile:

For future reference, it’s an M4 thread. Strange that they mixed metric and imperial on the machine (the router plate uses #10-32 if I remember correctly)

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