Sharp or Dull? A closer look

After I noticed a router bit would dig slower and leave burn marks at the bottom surface, I tried to clean it up, but nothing was stuck on it. So I used a better tool to look at it closely an to compare with an (almost) new one.

Both are the original MaslowCNC 2 Flute compression bit, a special custom production.

These are the side view of the cutting corner. Note the scale reference.

You might ask how long the left bit it lasted? I can’t say really: It might have lived longer if it did not shave the top of a metal screw :wink: .


The life of a Cutter is dependent on the material, the friction it experiences and how long it maintains a high temperature. I have seen Flat EndMills turn into a slight Ball shape and bounce of material due to friction. One thing to look out for is burning or discoloration.

Thank you

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