Can't find 1/4 Inch One Flute, Tungsten, Up Spiral bit at the Maslow store or Amazon

I’m trying to track these bits down after reading recommendations.

I regularly order these, and they work great:

This is what I’ve been using.



How do you determine end of life for a bit

I havent gotten that far yet! Lol there are posts on her about that. If I remember correct the bit will leave burn marks when its getting dull but there may be other indicators, not sure.

I can tell when a bit is getting dull from the quality of the cut. You’ll get a little bit of hairiness from a sharp tool, but a dull one will give you a really ugly cut that you’ll spend forever cleaning up. I typically change out bits anywhere between 20-40 hrs of cutting depending on how hard I’ve been on the tool.

Examples! :smiley: 'Cause if you’re like me, you need visuals.

This is what I get from a fresh tool:

These parts were cut with a tool at the end of it’s life:


I wish there was a button to click to make this Maslow-Wiki.
Short, clear and with pics. Thanks!


No problem, I enjoy sharing as much as I can. I remember when I first started CNC machinist, I wish I had someone to help me figure it out.

I feel like that’s a first. I’ve told my wife before “I just need to make a quick post”, to which she responds:


But maybe that’s just me.


Don’t worry about the wiki. ‘Hardware - End of life/repair’ addition soon.
Will just steal your post as first entry and reduce the picture size :wink:

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