Single file Maslow Setup for Windows 10

1 file to set up many … making your experience better

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Single File setup for Windows 10

This process takes ~15 to 20 minutes on an old laptop. You must be connected to the internet for it to perform the download.

When run it sets up the following directories:


C:\maslow\backup C:\maslow\designs C:\maslow\docs C:\maslow\extras C:\maslow\ground_control C:\maslow\temp

C:\maslow\ground_control\firmware C:\maslow\ground_control\program

it copies groundcontrol.ini from the user directory to - C:\maslow\ground_control\program

It then makes a backup of the program directory Next it makes a backup of the firmware directory

these go to the C:\maslow\backup directory

After that it deletes most of these files

Next it downloads a single file with ground control and firmware to the C:\maslow\temp directory

From there it installs the windows portable Ground Control and the Firmaware to there respective directories and deletes the files from the temp directory when setup is completed

You can launch Ground Control by navigating to this directory and double clicking Launch Ground Control.bat

or paste this line in a commandline

C:\maslow\ground_control\program\Launch Ground Control.bat

This is handy for making a copy of your system for troubleshooting by re-running the program a back up with your settings is made in the backup directory you can locate the files by time stamp.

The files can be found from the Shared Files link on the Members page at: *( an membership login is needed, accounts are free)

Report any problems at our contact page:

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You’re download link for the actual file is broken/missing.
EDIT: I should say that it says insufficient permissions despite being logged in.

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Thank you - I will update it have a look in the mean time - I’ll seen it directly.

I’ve found the problem and implementing a fix. I have e-mailed you a link in the mean time. G-mail refused an .EXE

Thank you

It should refuse it, click on exe is a malware favorite. Zip the file before attaching which prevents the problem (click becomes open the zip and show the contents) and should make it smaller and save more bandwidth for my Abom79 shaper rebuild streaming

Just saw the post timr. Am I really 4 days behind? Too much YouTubing?


If I had more time I’d try to come up with something clever this is just a “get’n it done” thing.