SketchUp Phlatboyz plugin for Gcode

I have now made three projects using Sketchup and a plug-in created by Phlatboyz that enables the generation of Gcode, and a viewer that gives a 3D representation of the toolpathing. My first cuts were good and I produced a large logo stencil. I had a couple of mess-ups that were caused by ‘Sled not Keeping up’ issues and me not knowing how best to resolve the issue. But despite that I produced a quality stencil (pics will be posted when I have time). I’ve also produced a spiral bowl (yet to be finished with laquer) and a marble race sign. The plug-in can be found as Sketchucam, here:
I did have one problem during my second project whereby it just kept outputting junk code, and the resolve was to remove and reinstall the plug-in - Hey Presto, up and running again. The software was designed by Phlatboyz I believe, whose goal was to enable RC plane makers to CNC fuselage components. It’s worth investigating their cnc printers and taking a good look around the Openbuilds site if you haven’t already.
Will get some project pics up as soon as poss…