Working though cad -> gcode translation

I got me some funky output in my GCode…

I am trying out DFX2GCODE. And this is how it should look:

Guess I need to look around some more at the config and settings.

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The circles thing is very likely an issue on my end.

Would you be willing to post the gcode file so I can take a look and see if I can track down what’s happening?

It’s also probably worth being sure you are running the latest Ground Control. We’ve fixed a bunch of issues similar to this, so if you have an old version it might have already been fixed

No, I still have .85. Updating now to .86.

Here is a copy of the gcode that was generated.
folding chair (10.7 KB)

Will try in .86 GroundControl now.

Ok, gave it a try in.86 and got the same results. Other gcode’s I have made load in properly. I am thinking it may be dfx2gcode app.

I agree that it’s something to do with the dxf2gcode app, but it might not be that they did anything ‘wrong’, just that there isn’t a clear standard for Gcode so pretty much every program formats it differently and ground control might not be reading their formatting right.

Thanks for sharing the file, I’ll use it to fix the issue!

@bar. Could this be with the fast the G-Code is in incremental programming and not absolute?

Maybe, but Ground Control should be able to render things in both absolute and relitive coordinates

Ewell, if anything… You can use dfx2gcode to make some amazing modern art…

I tried a simple shape, and still got art deco to show in GC.