Ski/snowboard cores

Hey Team,
I like to make snowboards for a little bit of fun. I have made all my snowboard cores by hand in the past with a jig and a router bridge. Cores are tapered from 1 or 2 mm on tip and tail to about 8 - 10 mm in the centre.

I would like to have a crack and making a set on the maslow.
Reckon its possible on the maslow?
Will I be able to get the taper?
Is a ball end the best for this?
Would it be better to have the adaptive clearing over the length or width?

I can post some fusion files if anyone wants to look at my SICK designs :slight_smile:

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These are the cores I want to make.

to get the taper, you will have to use a larger board and make it narrow enough
that the sled does not fall in to the area that you cut. This would limit you to
about 8" wide If you wanted to go wider, you would need to leave a portion
that’s not tapered for the sled to ride on (say a ridge down the center that you
later taper to match the rest of it)

Hey David, yeah I think that would work for boards. Ski’s are pretty skinny, even fat ones. I am regretting not having the room to make a full size maslow… would have been nice to fit a whole core in rather than having to cut it in two jobs.

Mr Dlang,
Do you think a ball end would be best for the taper? Would you go tip to tip or side to side?

My understanding from the X-Carve forum is ball end with 10% step-over (diameter of the bit) makes a nice taper.