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Cutting horizontally

Has anyone tried to use the Maslow CNC rig for cutting horizontally? (with 4 motors / chains and no bricks)

I’m working on building exactly that right now :grinning:


Great news! I’m looking to cut pvc backed matting from the back - the pvc is about 1.5mm / 2mm thick. It’s for cutting out logos and letters etc, the biggest one we have done is 2mtrs (6’7") x 3.5mtrs (11’6") so scaling up would be good for us. How long before it’s ready please?


I’ve been thinking I’m about three or four months away from having a working prototype for about a year and a half now.

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Is that with Bart’s board?

I’m a big fan of his work, but his board is really designed to drive stepper motors so I started from scratch

What about the new board with the plug-ins? You’d still have to develop new software, but that’s true of a new design also.

I haven’t looked at it THAT closely, so it could be totally possible, but since I’d need to make a custom board anyway which plugs into that board it’s not much harder to make the whole thing from scratch. Plus I’m trying to mount everything on the sled this time so the board works out to be a funny shape to pack into the space between motors and the curved edges.

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Hi Bar, I’m getting confused here! There’s a company called Maker Made and they want 999 dollars for a full kit with no router? Then there is a company called Metal Maslo?
So if you make / develop, market, are you selling the kits to distributors all over the USA? I’m in England and I’m tempted to spend the money and try it out - but the purchasing seems more complicated than I’d have expected. Maybe I’m just old!!! Help me out here please!! (I have a buddy in Arizona who would have it shipped to him then he would ship it to me - what’s the best option?) Thanks folks.

The design in open and there are deveral organizations making their own version
of the kit (and in some cases, they have their own software to drive it as well)

David Lang

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No worries, it is confusing :grinning:

Basically I designed the original kit and made it open source. I stopped selling them to focus on designing the next version and several people who have no affiliation with are selling variants based on my original design. I don’t make any money from them or have any control over what they sell or charge. We’re here to promote big open source CNC routers and help anyone who has questions. In the next couple months I’m hoping to get a new kit together which will be cheaper than 999 for sure.

Thanks for the info. Appreciated.

From Chris Latham

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