Sled 10 inches too low

I have tried recalibrating this thing several times and keep ending up with same problem.

When I get to the stage that we are measuring the cuts could someone explain to me in simple english what and how am I to measure these. I assume this is where my error is and I think I am miss measuring cut number five.

Is there a way to go back to the cuts and not have to remeasure between motors etc as I have done that 5 times it takes a long time each time and my x axis is centered, my z axis is centered, and only my y axis that is wrong…

I found the error. I did not measure from the center of left motor to top of plywood. I had erroneously entered 633.44 when it should have been 426.22. Now I am cutting out test templates.

Next step is to figure out going from my cad to cam with maximum optimized cut paths.