Machine cutting to big in x axis

Hi everyone, I’ve just set up my maslow a couple weeks ago and have been plan on cutting parts that are pretty much a full sheet but everything in the x axis is cutting 1/4" to 1/2" too big. All of the y-axis seems to be cutting correctly. I hope someone can help me!! I have calibrated the machine several times and it keeps doing the same thing. I have the standard frame built with a final sled. I’m using the triangular kit.

@Tjacobs713 Welcome to the forum! I wish there was a simple answer to that. It could be many things (I’m still trying to wrap my mind around all the variables). This forum is loaded with amazing information and people. In the search bar, type in “List of sources of error”, and you will find a very good thread with a lot of information to think about.

Thanks @WoodCutter4, This thing is really starting to drive me crazy. I have tried all kinds of different CAM settings but I really think it is in a calibration issue. I went thru the List of sources of error but did see anything about x axis.


Yes, it is a calibration thing.

As you know, both motors rotate to move the sled along a vertical or horizontal path; there isn’t an “x axis motor” or “y axis motor”. The list of sources of error has a column “impact on x,y coordinates”. Vertical and horizontal are the key words you are looking for.