Sled chain mount angles

Having a closer look at all the sled mods

I see that the stock sled has the chain mounts at 45 deg where most (all) other mods result in a flexible 60 degree angle.

45 vs 60 deg

Would it make sense to mount the chains on the stock sled at 60 deg to make the stock design a little more accurate by default. (reducing the amount of math to correct for center mis-alignment)

The issue is not the angle, the issue is that the mounting points on the sled are fixed in place, so as the angle of the chain varies (as the sled moves from the center to one edge) the chain is no longer pointing at the center of the bit.

changing the mounting points of the stock sled design would not help any.

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I agree with David.
With the stock design there is only one singe point on the entire work area in which both chains actually point directly at the router bit. With accurate measurements and chain mounting this “perfect” point is somewhere on a line directly between the two motors. Changing the angle of the fixed chain attachment points only moves the single perfect point up or down a little. It does not change the amount of calculation needed.

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So reducing the angle wouldn’t make it possible to reduce the load on the calculator a little bit?

and what do these angle differences mean to the accuracy of the machines that have the mod?
o wait, in that case the angle issue disappears, thats the whole idea of having the mods…

Anyway, i was thinking that a 60deg angle would improve the overall accuracy on a stock-sled especialy when cutting all the way at the top. Or maybe not the accuracy, but reduce the mathematical extremes.

Correct. Any solution that allows triangular kinematics solves the chain angle problem.


Thanks for the insights.

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