Sled drawing with Rigid Router mounting holes

OK I was trying to get fancy and modify the OnShape drawing that bar did of the sled with the new ring alignment and add in the mounting holes for the Rigid Router. I was able to determine that the mounting holes are spaced in an equilateral formation, 59 mm from the center of the base. When I added these to the drawing and began to cut them out I found that they were cut at 77 mm from the center. Does anyone have a drawing of the new sled design with the mounting holes for the rigid router that they can share?

If this has already been discussed then sorry for the repeat.

Is there a reason you are adding the holes? The purpose of the new sled with the center plug was to help you align the router and locate the holes once the sled was cut. I can understand wanting to do it all in one operation, but given the work you’ve already put in to an unsatisfactory end, perhaps just drilling the holes after cutting the sled would be easier?

That said, I am planning a metal sled and am having the holes laser cut (plus a bunch of other holes for the ring system and pieces of HPDE underneath). I’d be happy to share that with you. It’s in AutoCAD, but I can export as DXF if you like. Might not get to it until tomorrow, though.

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I was doing it for two reasons. First I’m very new to CNC and CAM/CAD programs in general so it was partly for practice and to learn the various programs that are available. The second reason was that even though the router came with a centering cone the hole in the middle of the sled was larger than the cone. I ended up eyeballing “center” for the router. I figured if I could add the mounting holes to the drawing, then I could be fairly confident that the router was centered on the sled.

I would love to see your drawing when you’re finished with it.

Sure thing. I have not used Onshape, so I don’t know if a DXF will work for you, but I will post it.

It sounds like it may be too late, but there is now (I believe that @bar posted it to the assembly files) a new sled file that leaves a plug in the center hole connected by tabs to the rest of the sled, and in the center of that plug is a 1/4" hole. The idea being that you could chuck up a 1/4" bit and thus exactly center your router (without using the alignment cone, which some routers don’t include) to drill the mounting holes. Afterwards, you cut away the tabs and remove the plug.