Creating a sled drill template

I have the triangular linkage kit and I am having some trouble centering the sled properly. My makerspace has a laser cutter and I would like to laser cut a sled drilling template that will properly center the linkage kit and the router.

The linkage kit requires four holes 3/16" holes centered on the corners of a square with a 9" diagonal.

I need to figure out the corresponding description for the router base screws.

I believe the holes are centered on the corners of an equilaterial triangle. Does anyone know the side length of the triangle and the (snug) diameter of the holes. I have the Canadian verson of the Rigid router.

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I think the linkage kit template here:

has holes for R22002 router (assuming that the router you are looking for). I can’t really vouch much for the accuracy, but I used those measurements and did it by hand and they came out rather well. I was able to put two of the three bolts through the bottom of the sled into the router base… the third bolt I just couldn’t get to line up precisely from the bottom so ended up going from the top down. It’s possible I was off by a hair drilling by hand.

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you can also just print out the dxf onto a pice of paper and use that as a template. I use and it allows one to print files to actual size. luckily the holes all fit on one sheet of 8.5x11 paper

mount the router first, then put a bit in the router that matches the center
hold in the arms.

set it to roughly a 45 degree angle (a small error won’t matter), clamp it in
place and use the outer holes as guides for your drill

swing it 45 degrees the other way and repeat.

This will perfectly position the holes (and will even give you the right hole
position if the arms are not perfect and one side is longer than the other, as
long as both arms are the same)

David Lang