SOLD - Maslow kit + z axis + sled $300, Rigid router $125, Surface Pro Tablet $125

I’ve posted this before, but now that I have the Maslow hung from the ceiling (with the help of an electric hoist) I’ve realized I don’t have the time or room for this thing. I purchased the kit from Maker Made about a year ago but I’ve only done a couple projects with it. It worked fine - I had no issues with calibration or anything. The Surface Pro tablet is a great tablet to use for this - it has a USB port for direct control and the touch screen is very good.

Here’s what I have:

  1. Maslow kit + z axis, melamine sled, and pulley/weight system for tension, 3d printed gear leveling / calibration adapters. $300
  2. Ridgid R22002 router $125
  3. Surface Pro (generation 1) 128GB SSD/4GB RAM running Windows 10 with power supply. $125
  4. Several CMT bits 1/8" straight, 1/4" straight, 7/16" 60 degree v-groove, $10 each. Five 1/8" engraving bits from amazon (with adapter). $15 for all 5 and the adapters.

If you’re in the area (Madison, WI) you can have the frame and MDF spoiler board for free if you can get them out of the basement. :slight_smile:

You pay actual shipping via the method of your choice. I can take better pictures of things if requested.

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Hello Saturn, So you’re asking 565 for everything?

Actually it would be 300+125+125+10+10+10+10+15 (I have two of the 1/4" bits) = 605, but I’ll make a deal for $565 + shipping for everything.

OK. The price seems fair. If I’m understanding correctly, you have not really run or used the set up much at all so everything is basically new or like new? Tablet excepted. What payment works for you?

By the way it’s Paul and I’m in Aurora, CO. Denver basically.

Hi, I’m interested in your whole setup. Is this still available. I have the cash right now for the deal you mentioned. 565 plus shipping.

Sorry, shipped this out to carwashguy yesterday. You can come to Madison and take my frame though. :slight_smile:

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