Maslow + Router + Surface Pro - Madison, Wisconsin

Looking to sell my Maslow + Router + Surface Pro and a few bits. It was a fun project to build, but takes up too much space and it is too difficult to get plywood into my basement to be practical for the scale of things this machine is good for. I have about $900 in it, looking for $750 or best offer.

It would be easiest to do this locally, but I could probably box everything up (except the wood/frame of course) and ship it out for ~$50 more.

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Still available or did it find a new home?

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Still available. PM me for details

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HI, is it still available?

Yes, it is. Are you local to Madison?

I’m willing to split this up if necessary. Here’s what I have:

  1. Maslow kit + z axis, melamine sled, and pulley/weight system for tension.
  2. Ridgid R22002 router
  3. Surface Pro (generation 1) 128GB SSD/4GB RAM running Windows 10 with power supply.
  4. Several CMT bits 1/8" straight, 1/4" straight, 7/16" 60 degree v-groove, five 1/8" engraving bits from amazon (with adapter).
  5. 3d printed gear leveling / calibration adapters
  6. frame, 3/4" MDF spoiler board

I’ve done a couple projects with it - a headboard design and a half-dozen signs, but I’m finding the projects I prefer are smaller and could be handled with a much smaller desktop CNC, and I’d like to get this one out of the way. The Surface Pro is really a fantastic tablet for the Maslow - it is quite a powerful machine despite its age, and the touch screen is very responsive.

This is still available - I see that Maslow kits have been coming down in price, and I only have the 1.2b motor shield, so make me an offer on what you want/need.

Come see it working if you’re in the area, otherwise I’ll part it out.

I should note that this setup has worked very well - I never had problems calibrating it, and I was impressed with the accuracy - the melamine sled works well on plywood and MDF. Rather than the elastic, I added pulleys and two more bricks behind it to keep tension on the chains which has also worked well.

I have it mounted on hinges so it can be lifted up out of the way. I’m about to get that part setup today just to get it out of the way.