SOLD - New kit for sale with Z-axis kit, router bits, and brand new router

This is basically everything you need to get started as far as I know. I have a brand new kit for sale with Z-axis kit. All I did was open the box and inventory it. I just can’t find the room for it without my wife attacking me.

It also includes 2 router bits from Maslow (Solid Tungsten Carbide ¼ Inch Single Flute Up-spiral Bit part number SQ8772840, and a Solid Tungsten Carbide ¼ Inch 2 Flute, part number SQ9773867)

Also a brand new Rigid R22002 router.

I paid 450 for everything from Maslow, and $155 for the router. You can pick up local if you are near Danville, VA or I can ship. I suspect $30 for shipping so lets say $640 for it all.

I’ll take it. Messaging you now

Hi, I should buy it!

Is it still available?

It is sold and shipped. Thanks everyone who showed interest.