Sold - Unopened/Unused Kit for sale with Brand New Rigid Router R22002

I bought the router at Home Depot when I ordered the Maslow back in February, it is still factory-sealed. I have the Maslow kit in the Priority Mail box it came in to me, it has never been opened. I can’t return the router, and I already have other routers. So I would like to sell all of this together.

I have the regular kit, the z-axis kit, and 6 bits. Everything is unused, unopened, brand new. I paid $492 for the Maslow and $160 for the router.

I’m asking $750 for both, and that includes Priority Mail shipping to anywhere in the USA from Hawaii. I’ll even throw in some macadamia nuts.

PayPal accepted.


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how much for just those macadamia nuts. Tasty. lol, good luck selling!

Ill take it off your hands. Please DM me, I dont have access to that apparently.

sent you message

If it doesn’t work out, I also have been looking for a while and would take it.


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