Sold Out Single Flute Bit

@bar Do you have an estimate on when your
Solid Tungsten Carbide ¼ Inch 2 Flute Up-spiral Bit will be back in stock?

I was planning on getting one of each bit in the Maslow store to save on shipping and also use them to try different cuts - is this a good idea? The kits don’t come with one right?

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I will check with Hannah to get a better update, but I think they will be back soon.

I know that we wired the money to have another batch made several weeks ago so I would expect them to be nearly done. My guess is that they will be back in the store in a week or two.


Hi @Jayster

The bits are currently en route to us. I expect they’ll be back in the store by the end of next week



@Jayster the 2 flute up bit is my go to. It’s definitely worth the wait. I’ve tried the other two, but the 2 flute up is the only one I’ll buy again.


Thanks for the tip. That’s what everyone says but per the speeds a single flute is supposed to be better. I’ll definitely wait.

Sorry to resurrect this thread, but I was interested in getting a couple more Maslow store router bits and I no longer see them in the store. Are they still available somewhere?


no, those particular bits were custom-manufactured, but you can get single flute
bits from many different sources