Compression bits out of stock in the

Hi @bar and @hannah,

Love the Goat Hutch, can’t wait to see a video of the goats. Keep the Maslow NW vibe strong! (DIY Tofu Press? Kola Hangers? my imagination wanders…)

I’ve been patiently waiting on the stand alone ring assemblies to hit the store, and noticed that the compression bit has been removed from the offerings there.

Hoping it can return to stock, I had 2 in my cart waiting for the ring.

Any info is appreciated.


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Sorry about that! We’ll try to get them back in stock right away.

It might take a week or two before we can get more made so I wouldn’t wait on the ring

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Do you have the recommended feedrate and stepdown for the compression bit you sell? I am using the triangle linkage kit and the recommended Rigid router. Should I ramp into cuts? If so, what rate and depth? Any help will be greatly appreciated…thanks!

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