[Solved] Calibrate chain lengths in top mount or bottom mount mode?

So, doing the ring sled instructions, it tells me to connect the chain to the sled, then it tells me to start calibration, which promptly tells me to remove the chain from everything. Then it tells me to put the chain back on, then remove it again then put it back on… so after removing and replacing the chain several times, I finally get to the “calibrate chain lengths” step, and I’m looking at the calibration screen and it’s showing mounting the chain for the off the top feed method… which is not the method I’m using, so now I have no idea what to do. should I remove the chain again and remount it in top mount mode like the picture shows?

The calibration would be a better place to show how to mount the sled to the chains, rather than having this be in the sled creation instructions, where the first thing you have to do after finally getting the chain mounted to the sled and then getting told to run calibration is unmount the chain from the sled.

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ok, got it figured out… but the flow of the instructions/calibration procedure commentary still holds.

( if anyone else has the same problem, unhook the chain that’s attached to the sled, and retract it manually all the way so that the first link that used to be attached to the sled is hooked over the top of the gear, with the first link over the upwards facing tooth that you set in the previous step. - there is no tension on the chain like this, so watch your sprocket/stretchy cord so that they don’t fall off, and be ready to help guide them back into place when it starts feeding out the chain back towards your sled)

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I really appreciate your follow up on the solution of this issue. I was confused about the same instructions.