Calibration Step 7 help

Hello while trying to do step 7 of calibration the chain keeps slipping off the sprocket that’s attached to the motor.

Just to make sure I’m doing step 7 appropriately let me try and explain what I’m doing in my words, maybe I’m missing something. I’m trying to do this by the temporary frame.


  • Chain begins in position where we left off in step 5 (left side of sprocket with most chain, right side of sprocket equal to top of plywood)
  • Press Calibrate until it falls off (by chain being spent through sprocket)


  • Chain begins with it left over the vertical part
    Press Calibrate until it falls off (by chain being spent through sprocket)


  • Chains are reattached fully (with tension strings now)
  • Press NEXT
  • Sled is brought to center

I feel like I’m way off. Can someone weigh in?

Can you send a picture or pictures of how the chains are routed? I was confused by the chains needing to be mirrored at first.

Thank you

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At what point does the chain slip off? Does it come off while you are attaching the chains to the sled or before?

Pictures can be very helpful with this kind of thing, is there any way you could take a picture (or even a video) of what is going wrong?

I’m not sure I understand this sentence fully, what does falls off mean here?

In step 5, you should only need to click the Calibrate button once. Immediately, the left chain feeds and stops then the right one feeds as a result of that one push. Repeated pushes might be stacked and executed for extra chain length?
Are you using the stock chains?

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I know this is probably mentioned somewhere else & I know @bar is a busy guy. The pictures in the calibration sequence are from an earlier design with the motors mounted straight out and that confused me. Updating the pictures to the current design would help.

Thank you

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Great suggestion @Bee, I will try to get those pictures re-taken ASAP

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Did we decide whether the zero position is 12 o’clock straight up or perpendicular to the long axis of the motor?

It is intended to be 12 o’clock vertical

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I thought we were measuring the whole chain, didn’t realize it only feeds it partly through and then you attach the sled.

There’s no tension on the chain during this step so i’ve had problems with it slipping.