Somers Middle School Slim Chair

This is a Slim Chair we just finished making with Maslow. Third graders teamed up with seventh graders on the build. After assembling the original slim chair design we felt it was not strong enough for library use. We decided to double the legs, double the back rest, and add leg supports. We built it using ¾” birch plywood from the local lumber yard. I am thinking the strength problem may be due to not using baltic birch plywood like Opendesk recommends.

What type of ¾” plywood are most people having Maslow success with?


Great Work! Did you use a V bit for the Seat lettering?

Thank you

Thanks, we used a 60 degree V Bit .

I just cut most of my Slim Chair last weekend, have to redo some cuts becuase tried to do it all in one sheet. (not successful). Then need to assemble and stain. I scaled down to fit my 4 year old granddaughters. Will post photo when done. Nice job on your chair!!


I also found the slim chair to be a little flimsy, especially over time as the wood of the back got stressed from repeatedly sitting in it. I also didn’t use baltic birch (just regular shop ply) so maybe that’s the issue, but I think the design favors elegance over durability.

The roxane chairs I made are rock solid:


Here are mine.


How much plywood did you use to make that?

Well One full sheet, but I hade cut trouble at the top center, so I had to add a 24x48 to finish the two chairs.

The chairs and table look great!


Sorry the table was another sheet!