Somers Middle School Triceratops

I love this. I saw a reindeer outside Branson done like this and wanted one for kids. My daughter would like this better. Can you share the CAD file or cut file?

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Thanks everyone, I can’t take credit for the Triceratops drawing. We got it from


Just finished painting the Triceratops! We also wired up some yellow foam eyes with push button LED’s.


Thanks for sharing @mlugo! I love the idea and brought the trex design from the site you mentioned. Im having a little trouble with scale though. I converted the dxf file to svg using convertio so i could open in easel. Then up sized it to fit a 2400x1200x9mm sheet of mdf. The problem is then the interlock points become to large, ranging in size from 10mm to 12mm which does not provide a strong lock between parts!

My question is did you scale up to a full size sheet? And how did you adjust the interlock size/scale of these files? Any help would be appreciated :grin:

At the moment im going piece by piece resizing to make sure interlock size is correct and im sure (hoping) there is an easier way.

Again many thanks for sharing your project

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Hi @Jetstar,

Thanks for reaching out and sorry for not responding sooner. We used VCarve to change the scale of the dinosaur drawing, so the slots would be the same thickness as the plywood we were using. I would recommend measuring the plywood thickness with calipers and adjusting the drawing to match. We were able to get most slots to match, but some were tight. We used a scroll saw and a file to make some small adjustments.

The only issue we had was that we if scaled the slots up to 3/4" plywood the parts would not fit on one sheet of plywood. If we wanted to make the parts all fit on one sheet we would have to manually go through each part of the drawing and change the slots to be the correct size. We did this a few years ago with a t-rex we built. The process of changing every slot did take some time.

I hope this helps

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Thank you for your reply, im slowly chipping away at changing all the slots to fit my material thickness seems like the only way around it if you want to go big :grin: will hopefully be cutting today or atleast test cutting a couple bits so fingers crossed. Thanks again for sharing you project :grin: