My first projects- an alligator, shark and nativity

Just thought I would post my first projects I cut. The first were two sharks for my boys to play with which I don’t have a picture of. Next I cut out a small alligator and stick as a toy. Nothing too special but I figured it’s fun to see what everyone else makes so I better share my creations.

I Ann just learning now how to make the svg files from various sources and tweaking them. Lastly I cut out a simple nativity.

So far I am just sourcing random files on google images and then using inscape to make my svg and sometimes some tweaking in makercam. Anyways it is super fun and can’t wait to bring more creations alive for my boys.


Wow, nicely done. What size bit did you use?

1/4 inch 2 spiral up cut from the Maslow store.

Very nice work! Keep up the posts.

Fantastic - I appreciate your sharing your work flow. Keep up the great work.

Thank you

@aporter would it be OK if I used your pictures in the newsletter? (And gave you credit of course!)

You bet. I’d be honored.

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