Speed for 3/4" plywood

Hello All,

I should start by saying I DO NOT currently have a Maslow cnc.

This post is to try and get an understanding if its worth my while to buy one!

Does anybody know what the fastest rate you are able to go while cutting out items out of 3/4" birch plywood? as well as the smallest amount of passes you could make without destroying the machine and the project?

Basically max speed and accuracy are what I’m currently aiming for!


in my last project, I cut 3/4" baltic birch in 3 passes at 25 ipm. This is
probably a bit on the aggressive side.

David Lang

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How was the finish on that? Rough or ok? Using a 1/2” but?

that was with a 1/4" bit, but I’ve also done test cuts with a 1/2" bit

you really just need to test.

David Lang