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Sprocket's question



This is a picture of my sprocket.
When setting it at 12 o’clock,
Which is better, A or B?

Or C, buy a new sprocket?
Thank you for listening.


I set mine at A. B seems like 12:07. And I guess I don’t understand what C would do for you?


I see what you are saying now (after contemplating your pictures. You are questioning the flat spot on the shaft vs the teeth on the sprocket?
Go with the teeth on the sprocket being straight up and down. Especially since this is what is related to the rest of the calibration process. The shaft could look like ‘D’ as long as the teeth are at 12 & 6 O’CLOCK. :upside_down_face::rofl:🤸 :gear:


My question is exactly that.
Thank you for answering ridiculous questions.:rofl:


A Set your 12 o'clock position with a level... because
Creating the 12O'Clock calibration level in FreeCAD


If there is confusion, the question is not ridiculous. Now had the question have been
“will painting the sprocket green make calibration easier than painting it pink?” that might be construed as ridiculous.


only because everyone knows painting it green would be the best…


I think this is a really good question, because it highlights this fact; the positioning of the chain is more important than the positioning of the sprocket. There is some backlash at the interface between the chain and the sprocket. So, when the sprocket is exactly at 12 O’Clock, the chain will be a little forward from this, due to the forward tension in the chain and the backlash at this interface.


If I understand you correctly, I would think the difference would be whether it was turning clockwise or counterclockwise to reach its final destination of perfection per se. I also think that this would be spent soon after in any other process. The more I think about what I said here, the more I wonder if I understand you correctly!:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: