Storage Rack for my plastic screw organisers

So in keeping with the theme of organising my shed, I have been looking for a racking system to keep my ever growing collection of screw and part tray organised. There are some off the shelf options but the plastic isn’t really in my plywood design aesthetic…

I first drew the case in Fusion360 then went about designing a rack that worked with them. I have set the file up so I can change the box dimensions and the number of boxes I want and fusion works out the design!

I originally designed the rack with full shelves under each box but after laying it out on a sheet i realized I didn’t need to waste all that ply. I reduced the design to a full shelf top and bottom and thin strips for the middle shelves. I used 6mm ply for the shelves and 12mm for the sides. I have drawn a backing board in the design but I didn’t use it. I used some small angle brackets and used the existing plywood wall as the backing board. If you do want a backing board, its probably easier to cut this with a table or circular saw anyway as its just a rectangle!

I’ve got some images below of the cut and the build. This is based on the Tactix 410mm organiser from bunnings warehouse. (410x330x60) but if you use the fusion360 file it can be adjusted using the modify parameter fields under box width, height and depth, the number of shelves can also be selected.

I will be uploading files to the Comm Garden shortly.


Very cool!

I am wanting to do this for the similar organizer boxes from HF. I like that you did it diagonal like that, the design I drew up laid them flat and this takes up much less space.

Thanks so much for sharing!

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