Super Quick Drawer Divider

I wanted to run a few real life tests of my settings. I also have meant to fix this drawer for a while (like 2 years or more).

Anyways, from designing in Fusion 360 to finished cutting was a little over 2 hours.

What it looked like originally:


The parts I cut:


And the outcome:


It went really well. The accuracy is great and I only needed a light sanding on the edges to clean it up. I made a few mistakes in the design, but nothing important. I plan on making other drawer organizers using a similar design and materials.

Anyways, I think it is really cool how fast I was able to go from idea to finished product.

Also the accuracy is really getting impressive.


This is beautiful! I love the before and after pictures :grinning:

Love it! Great use of Maslow. :slight_smile: