First Project: Simple Flat Pack Stool

Took my time in posting this to the forums. I wanted to get this up here before I got too far ahead that it isn’t relevant anymore.

I was this tutorial on Youtube for Fusion 360 and decided it would be a good first project. Something relatively simple, as I usually go off the deep end when I get started with a new process. I know SolidWorks, and Creo pretty well, but I was interested in learning Fusion because of the built-in CAM features. It was pretty easy for me to adapt to the new program, mostly it was just figuring out what all the tools were called.


Thank you for taking the time to make such an excellent video! It’s so cool to see other people’s machines in action :grin:

Thanks! I enjoyed documenting the process. I plan on making more as I continue making with the Maslow, and I’ll be posting them to my channel as I go along. Feel free to use them for promotional material or for reference :smiley:


Thanks! We are always on the look out for good material for the weekly updates, and everyone loves seeing the machine in action. Your linkage kit build looks beautiful too