System requirements to run Ground Control

I’ve played with a script that uses wget to download the latest release to /tmp, then unzips it to my ~/GroundControl/ folder which the GC launcher points to. The script could also zip a copy of that folder before updating it (pulling the version number from DataStructures/ A launcher to run a script like that would simplify the process of upgrading.


Give me the script and I give you the launcher :grin:

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I have a script doing just that - zip old files, firmware and .ini to one location. Then DL updates from my own zip package that has everything in 1 zipfile. Unzip and place the files.

I wrote this for windows and ubuntu but need to refine it, should work on a mac but I have zero time to test on a mac right now.

I also have a old 1 click installer for windows somewhere that just installs GC and the firmware. As soon as I get some other projects out of the way I will be working on adding this to Disciples of CNC.

I was going to add the automatic update feature for all of the first 500 users on my website. There is still time to be part of the “500 club”

I might rebuild the 1 click Windows installer this week for all the new people.

Thank you

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Since it is again one of those years where I think I need a server at home, a cron job we be the final answer for me at one point.

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After I did the initial git clone

I have been updated with git pull
whenever a new version is announced. The git pull only grabs the updated or new pieces and it bumps up the version number. It’s a lot less to download, to stay current.

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Blunt question: Does it remove files also? I asking because I had issues with firmware unziped to same location.

Yes, it does a diff and if something was deleted in the Master it will do the same to your copy. One of the previous pulls I did removed some outdated images and loaded newer pics.

I think this is straying from the original post. Can you possibly move this to a new post /thread on the pros and cons of using Git to update?

I still don’t get git. Myself - I use a much more difficult method but maintain an audit trail of what was on my system.

Thank you

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Apologies to @Explorer7263 for high-jacking this post.

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The script was originally written for OSX, I’ve peeled out much that isn’t needed in linux. It will put the most recent release of GC into a folder named ~/GroundControl, creating a backup if it already exists (with the version number in the .zip file name). I picked that folder name to avoid stepping on a developer version folder.
My GC launcher calls ‘python ~/GroundControl/’ as you suggest, and the GC-updater launcher calls this script. (940 Bytes)


FYI - I use a Maslow folder

Maslow -

Thank you

All of the updates were done by my computer guy. I was hoping that this was going to be more plug and play. My background is more the building part of this project, not the programming.


No problems here. Maybe a nut of information will fall out of this tree that I can use if enough people shake it.


Have you tried the Linux on a stick yet? You can normally do this with an inexpensive USB drive. One of the reasons for it is that it will not alter your OS installed on the PC. It’s a fast low cost way to get around the issue.

I’ve been entertaining the idea of putting the USB stick together for sale. Would you be more inclined to try it if it were available as a premade product you could buy?

Thank you

I tried to download the windows 10 setup files. I got an insufficient permission to download message. Do I have to pay for this download? I wanted to give this a shot before the Linux thing.

Many Linux distributions are freely available to download and try and have the option to load off a USB or DVD.

First, download a good utility that can write the downloaded Linux image file to a USB or SD card. is well thought out and can run in windows it is available here.

Second, pick out a Linux distribution to try out.
You will see a there are is a huge number of distributions to choose from.
I did a search on the site, with the following criteria: Linux OS, Older computer, Live medium, under 700 Mb. One possible one to try is Lubuntu

If it’s not for you, shutdown your PC and remove the USB. Your windows install will be untouched. If you want to give it a go, it will give you an option to install it to your HD.

Bee, has cleverly put together a customized live Linux version with the Python requirements to run GroundControl and maybe easier to just get up and running. But depending on the age and type of graphic chips your PC has it may not be able to run.

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No the files are free. Did you create and account on the website?

Thank you

I see you did. Which file or files are you trying to download?

Thank you

I made the first Ground control testing with my Windows 10 desktop without any problem.

Now I’m testing with a Windows 7 laptop but I seem to have several problems with ground control.

Although GC runs, it seems it looses communication (a message appear saying communication timeout) so nothing happens with the motors.

Also on the settings pages everything appears with the default values and not the values previously configured with the desktop. Is this normal?

Can’t also move settings page up and down, for some reason.

Any hints?


This seems to have been just the baud rate value.

Neverthless, the two other smaller issues remain.

Where are the parameters stored? Is there a file I can copy from on machine to the other?

What about moving the settings page up and down on GC?

Thanks in advance.

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