Testing GC, will be delted

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LOL It did show up and has my email :man_facepalming:
And since I did not use my github name I can’t even access it and add a delete fast to the robot.
Totally failed test :rofl:


Hahahha you can still propose that the project is deleted, but you will have to wait 48 hrs for the pull request to be processed by the robot so it’s still a good test :grinning:

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Oh yes, the pull request seems to be accepted :slight_smile:

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Ohhhhhh I see now the issue. Because the project wasn’t community managed the robot was not going to automatically merge the pull requests.

Should we get rid of the option to create projects which are not community managed?

I still see value in a project I’d like to manage myself but want to share.
The major hookup here is the email address is enough and is readable in the robot.md.
We’ve also see project created with no picture and file at all.

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