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Adding to community garden

I’m looking at moving some of my designs into the community garden. I noticed the add project page is down plus I would prefer to own the repositories myself. If I create projects under my own account could I then make a pull request to add them to trackedprojects.txt? The current list only had official Maslow accounts; I wasn’t sure if this was a hard design choice of if that was just the most convenient path for other users.

Did you read the headline on the page?

Create A Project - Currently disabled due to spam :frowning:

We had some spammers recently. I sure @bar is working on some solution.

By creating the project before it’s added to the list the contents can be confirmed first.

I built a repo and tested it out against a local copy of the Community Garden. It works but the only part I haven’t figured out yet is the forum integration.

Yes! You absolutely can and that is why it was setup that way. Nobody has done if before tho so I would love to see you do it. I am not sure if the forums integration will work in that case, it’s been several years since I set it up. I think it actually will. Let’s give it a try!

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Glad to hear that was the intent, I really like the design. I use git for all my work already and this has helped motivate me to get things a bit more organized.

Did some more digging and I’m pretty sure the forum link does not happen during the repo creation process so I went ahead and published a pull request.