New project how to edit?

Hi everyone!

I need help editing a new project. I’ve created it under the market category, right after creating the project I got a invitation link to edit it, but the link landed me on a 404 website message, and also never got the email invitation.
Is there any way around this? or delete the project and create a new one?
Any help will be much appreciated.

Hmmm usually if you see that 404 message it means that the project didn’t get created fully. Can you see the project listed in the community garden? Which project is it?

Hi bar!

Yes, it’s in the market ( Maslow kits for sale soon)

Got it! From what I see it looks like you should have gotten an email invitation with a link to be able to edit it. Is 2cents the correct GitHub user name? It won’t let me send the invite again because GitaHub doesn’t want to spam you but I think the link in the email will point to

Sorry about the slow response! I’ve been camping

Oh… No it’s not, didn’t know (or read) that, I see my mistake now, I’ve entered my maslow forum username instead :frowning:
Is there any way to delete the project, so i can create an other one the right way?

We love camping too, my son is a webelos (BSA), you’re excused! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


I can just invite your GitHub account. I set it up so that it will have to be a valid GitHub name for the project to be created, I guess I just didn’t think about the possibility that it might end up being someone else’s name :grin:

What is your GitHub user name?

Great! my GitHub username is 2cents2

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Got access to edit now! Thank you :slight_smile: