Thank You Hannah and Bar!

Kickstarter projects are such a mixed bag. Almost all of them run horribly behind schedule and some notorious ones spend all of their funding with little if anything to show for it.

I am immensely impressed with the way you two handled this project. Your consistent weekly updates in which your provided open and honest details about the development reassured us that progress was being made. Now delivering on your goals only 4-6 weeks behind schedule - let’s be honest that is 4-6 months ahead of the normal Kickstarter schedule - is just awesome. I won’t even mention how cool the Maslow CNC is, that is what the rest of this forum is for.

Thank you, you two did an amazing job.

I am excited to participate in this community of like minded individuals to further develop and improve the machine.

I am also excited to see what you two do next.


Awe shucks! Thanks @krkeegan, it means a lot to us to hear you say that. We literally couldn’t do it without you guys, from believing in us from the very beginning, to the constant excellent feedback that guides the project, to you guys working on the software and improving the mechanics of the machine. I’m excited about the future too. I think the future of this type of affordable cable driven CNC router that you guys brought into existance is bright. I also can’t wait to see all of the cool things everyone is going to build.

As for me personally, I think my next project is going to be sitting on my butt and doing nothing productive with a good book for like six months :grin:


Here here! I’ve been part of well over a hundred crowd funding projects and without exaggeration this was definitely one of the best run, hands down.


I couldn’t agree more. Thank you.

What book are you going to read for six whole months?