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The Blue Smoke Herder Shield - AKA the New Maslow Shield (TLE5206)


For those keeping track -





V2 is Alive!!!

Ran several tests and a calibration cut. More info to follow, tomorrow I will be running some tests with the Maslow ring.

Thank you

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@Bee assuming the tests will run as well as you expect … any idea what price you are looking at for assembled board alone for my own mega?



Ever seen the zephyrtronics air bath and hot air pencil system? They look nice. And productive. So expensive though I wonder if someone in here could come up with the maslow prices maker version!? I have thought about how I would attempt it with a couple of heat guns.


Who was it I saw on here that offered a water cool system? Might be worth a search.


Hello All,
Im new here, got my Maslow kit from the last batch… got it up and running… been doing lots of tests, random cuts and so far Loving it!!
I would be interested on option A and B one of each.

Thank you for all the hard work!





Here is the ebay listing for it from @Tim_Dodge

He has them for both of the original Maslow versions 1.1 and 1.2b


The point of this version of the shield is it’s more robust, has a huge set of heatsinks and it’s screwed to the driver. The current water cooling system would need to be redesigned and is un-needed in my opinion . I operate with none of the “improvements listed in the Ad” and have had no issues. I don’t even use the stock chain guide. I applaud any one that can solve there own problem, there is great initiative in what they are doing, but I disagree with the word Need.

There are 2 things that known to kill shields I’ve seen, The heat sinks falling off -

I use a coat hanger to resolve that in post 49 here:

The other is a motor jamming.

@Gero added a bigger power supply, doubled the AMPs - it ripped the Motor off the machine during tensioning in calibration.

I think were covered.

Just my 2 cents

Thank you


@gero How is your shield doing?

Thank you


It has not run since it ripped the motor mountings. Modded frame is up but the chain length is not enough to do the calibration. Ordered new chain but that will take time. I think the chain is long enough to cut on the sheet, just not to reach from one motor to the other. I will try to cheat by adding the right chain to the left just for the ‘pull chain tight’ step. This will show what spare parts I need next :grin:


Also interested in obtaining A+B options.


If you still have any Plan B’s left I would like one when they are ready.



For all interested I am waiting on the cost of the next batch of boards before we set prices. I expect to be able to release this information through my website on Wednesday in the user update letter.

Thank you


Maybe we could also dispatch a batch directly to Europe. In that way, distribution goes quicker and we avoid individual customs costs.


A European based distribution point might be better, i’d surmise that a lot of time and expense outside of customs duty could be avoided…

Without more information from MaslowHQ (@bar and @hannah) it looks like we’re fending for ourselves for the near future and it might just be the right time for someone to step up on at least facilitating v2 shield production (we’re calling these v2 shields right?!) if not compiling an EU source list for all components…



Q1 -@Bee , Can you advise what type of connectors are being used for the Shield?

I am certain they are the same connectors as was used on the original Boards, but I don’t know what kind they were either… From the pictures, it looks like a 6-pin JST XH-series, but I can’t be sure.

I’d like to get a jump on making up cables for my Maslow while I wait for parts to arrive.

Q2 - Also - Do you recommend any Ferrite rings for knocking out noise on the cables or are people running fine without any filtering?

Thanks !


I can say how it will go but I’m meeting with a EU rep early next week.

I’m hoping they will take on EU production.

Thank you


1A - XH-Series Connectors: 455-2271-ND 3 MP1-3

2A - I don’t know of anyone using Ferrite rings, they are cheep and easy, couldn’t hurt, but probably not needed.

Thank you


Dlang tried to do european distribution for his top pantograph kit, maybe contact him and see if there was anyone that took him up? His thread on it didn’t seem to have any takers?