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The Blue Smoke Herder Shield - AKA the New Maslow Shield (TLE5206)


@bee, this would be a good thread for a poll.


In your poll, include the loaded with software versions. My daughter was saying that she would appreciate an included interface and wondered when the MASCON was!


Please define “included interface”. MASCON 1 took place at Makerfaire Southbay 2018.

Thank you


B please. I would def toss some coin on that Kickstarter


Basically a laptop, tablet, you know, keyboard, mouse, monitor. :grinning: She wanted a full package. I guess money isn’t an issue.


Yes - I have a way to do that, most people are shooting that option down.

I will gladly work with her.

Thank you


Would you consider to sell naked pcb?


@Gero you need a naked board?

Thank you


I would take 2


I’ll PM you.




Last night lying awake (the baby :slight_smile:) I was thinking:
It might be a good idea to make a board which can work independently of the serial interface.
The aim: load the g code on the boards memory and use the serial interface to give feedback to your laptop/PC/tablet.

This might solve a couple of issues:

  • if serial connection fails, the board can still continue printing. Only the feedback would be interrupted
  • adding a small battery: if power fails, the board can save its current process and resume easily later on
  • … ???

I’m not sure if the mega might be fit for the job. So a redesigned solution c.
What’s your opinion?


This is sort of covered here:

Porting to faster hardware

Part of the TLE design frees up the pins needed to accesses a SD card. There are several solutions possible. The Log file stores the last line when the encoders take too long to give feedback data.

Most of this in some way has been worked on. @blurfl has done a lot of the hardware work thus far. Moving to new hardware is not quite as easy as just plugging it in, but that is how it comes off by the time it reaches the users. This includes the development efforts of all the people in the development group making improvements every two weeks in the background.

I take this opportunity to thank all of them.

Thank you


Missed that one, I’ll check it out!


@Bee , Any chance you’d sell a couple naked boards and a bag of 2 sets of the components so I can solder a couple up for myself?

It really doesn’t sound like your tweaks to what blurfl did are risky.
(by which I mean to say, if the design’s not proven yet, I think I’d be able to troubleshoot it)


I would be interested in A)


@Bee I’m interested in this option ^^


Interested as well!!

I’d be in for a board, and components, In whatever form they become available. Thanks for doing this!


@Bee , I cannot stand the suspense!
Did the rest of the components for the Smoke Herder arrive today?

If you are not interested in mailing a bag of components + raw PCB (a kit), then add me to the list for Plan “A”. (I’m watching the Disciples page for a sign-up list or something).

Regardless, thanks for taking this on!


I’m literally sitting at the door waiting for UPS - out for delivery.

Some of the Wednesday bits -

Thank you


Follow Up - Parts have arrived. Time permitting I will start a build and test session tomorrow.

Thank you