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The cheap Z-axis zero method

I have a 3D printer and it runs really well. I learnt a trick to zero it’s Z-axis which I’ve been applying to my Maslow I think worth sharing.

When replacing stock, or generally trying to stay accurate, I slide a sheet of paper under my sled; you should be able to wiggle it around if the bit is not hitting it. Slowly lower the bit until it bites the paper, then raise .1mm at a time till you get the wiggle back - it’s a feel thing, try it you’ll see.

Primitive, but works well for me :smiley:

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Are you using a 2 foot sheet of paper? You might want to try the touch method with the electrical contact when the bit hits the metal plate for auto zero.

Plain old A4; I’m in NZ we don’t use US letter size but is pretty much the same (until the printer yells at you).

Yes, would love to do the touch method, but found this easier for my own personal circumstance.

Sometimes the basic approach is just plain easier :wink:

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I use the same method you do for my 3D printer. I use a sheet of inexpensive sheet metal and multimeter in continuity mode for the Maslow.

if you run a pair of wires to the sled (wrapped around the Z axis wire) you can
have the maslow be the multimeter and do the auto-Z probing

David Lang

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But I digress. Here we are using a 600cm metal rule, with a wire attached to one end. The wire goes to a battery box containing an LED. Another free wire goes to a crocodile clip that can be attached to the router.

The ruler goes under the sled, in line with the router bit. The crocodile clip is attached to some metal part of the router bit/collet. The Z-axis is run down (in small steps) until the LED lights, then backed off ever-so-slightly.

I do concur that a sheet of paper has a certain elegance.