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The Meticulous Z-Axis


Thank you for the info. I have been fighting the issue of USB connection loss for a week, so I have not been able to get the rest of z-axis parts cut. I did however get the router mount cut with pre-drilled holes for the linear bearing mounts so they are as perfectly aligned as possible. The M4 x 25mm screws that mount them are slightly larger then the 1/8in. bit I used to pre-drill the holes so I needed to chase them with the appropriate sized drill bit. I was happy that everything lined up on the first try. I am going to try and do the same with the spine so all the rail and lead screw mounts are aligned.

You can see on the left my machine got off track half way through the profile cut.



I made mistakes along the way, but managed to work around them.

I’m glad I abandoned the idea of using that first z-axis rail I bought on ebay (The Meticulous Z-Axis). It would have required far too much work (for this non-engineer) to adapt it. It did have a documented pitch for the lead screw, though.

I had to experiment with the pitch value, since there was no documentation with the kit I ordered from Amazon. I just used the depth tool at the end of my calipers, and adjusted the pitch value up and down until I got the distance I was expecting when moving the z-axis.

I used the bolts and hose clamps method for the spindle clamps, a variation on the @CurtisMack method here: The Meticulous Z-Axis

I tried to run the calibration test pattern, but the bigger sled ran into the kicker on the bottom cuts. I got a good 1 cm cut before it did, though, so I can still take the measurements.

I’ll have more to say after I do a thorough test. But, so far, everything’s looking good.


Based on many of the ideas/designs people have posted, I finally assembled my own version! I’ll add details later and let you know how it works out.


I made a video about my making this:
It’s more of an overview than a detailed how-to.