New Translucent Sled based on Meticulous Z axis

Hello there…

I would like to share some pictures of the new sled I have made for myself in order to contribute with some ideas that can come handy to Maslow CNC users.

I have made this sled from three layers of 10 mm translucent acrylic sandwiched together. Inspired on the meticulous Z axis.

I had the brackets machined from aluminum.

The sled has dust collection built with a vacuum cleaner hookup



I really like it!

Did you use a laser cutter for it? What did you use for the glue to hold it together? How much did you modify the meticulous plans for it?

A couple strategically placed LED’s would be amazing. Have you considered changing the pulley to get 3:1 speed improvement?

Nice, I was just thinking of an acrylic sled, as I’ve been cutting small test pieces, and can’t see under the sled to zero home in an open spot.

Keep us updated, nice work!

Yes, I had it laser cut.

I used acrylic solvent to weld it together.

I had to customize the meticulous z axis a bit, to account for the width of the acrylic, the dimensions the aluminum carriage, to add the hollow center for dust collection, remove some holes in the back that I guess where for improved visibility, weren’t needed as the material was clear.

The screw is 8mm per turn, so its faster that the rigid screw, still I want to experiment with the different pulleys to see how much faster can it get.

Thank you

It really turned out clean and I really like the transparent sled. My current router doesn’t have a light on it and the first one did, but the transparent sled would make it easier to see the cut quality. I have a laser, so this could be my next sled design… thanks for sharing!

very nice but it’s going to get scratched up fast unless you put some wear strips around the circumference to lift it up a little bit.