The Meticulous Z-Axis

Is anyone observing flexing/bending issues with the ring and main support structure when using this setup? It appears to me that there needs to be more reinforcement between the ring mounting and the base,and the main structure when cutting in the positive Y direction. I do not have weights put on my setup just yet.

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Mine seems fine and I have quite a bit of weight on my sled. I think it feels somewhat flimsy but it doesn’t seem to be in a bad direction. The flat bar is utilizing what I call “beam technology” in the direction it’s facing.

I thought I ordered the slide rail set from the link in BOM file but it seems after a failed 3d print of the Z carriage the one I got has different sized sliding blocks. Looks like the holes on the Z carriage are about 16mm apart vertically and mine are 18 mm center-to-center.
Would it be possible to get the original 3d file so I could get somebody to modify it for the 18 mm holes.

@Robert_Barfitt The Fusion file for the sled assembly is here:

Where did you order your kit from? I know there’s a link for an Ali Express kit and a link for an Amazon kit. I wasn’t aware of any differences between the two kits. I know that my kit is 18mm vertical spacing and 24mm horizontal spacing, and I ordered it from Ali Express.

Thanks for the reply. I ordered the Amazon one. the slide blocks are same size as yours. The issue is on the 3d printer file (z carriage and clamp file) The holes are 16mm x 24mm.

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Oh, okay, I think I see what’s going on. I haven’t yet published my new version of the Z-axis carriage with the slide block mounting holes, so I was a little confused how you had ones that didn’t line up. But now I understand, you printed @Shootquinn’s models from this post above. After digging a little more through this thread I found his Fusion model around post 183. Upon inspecting the model, I can see exactly what you’re talking about, the hole spacing is indeed 16mm vertical by 24mm wide. You should be able to download the model and make the changes pretty easily, though.

You are correct sir! I realized that last night. Got a friend of my son to change the file last and it’s printing now. If it works I can upload it so if there are others with a similar (lack of)brain capacity as myself can use it. My apologies for confusing the different file sets and made you work for nothing.

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Thanks for taking these questions, I just haven’t had the time.

I did notice this problem. The model I found online for the blocks had this spacing. My sled has half the amount of screws in this area (that was my solution). I apologize for not fixing it at the time.

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Just wanted to share a suped up Meticulous Z I have been working on made of glacier white corian . Just have the dust chute to work on . I’ll post finished pics soon as its finished.



man, that looks like a beast. are all the electronics for the whole machine in the plexi boxes?


Sure are. I will have two leads coming out that’s it. I’ll show more detail soon.


awesome. Looking forward to the further details


My wife asked me if someone built a Stargate from a toaster. I said I wasn’t sure. :rocket:


Just to clarify, @Mike_Thomas, this means I like it very much and wish I had one like it (even if it can’t utilize a solar flair to send me to another undefined time)! :sunny::nerd_face:

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I have the fixed 18mm z carriage and clamp.stl . I can email @shootquinn if you want to put it with the file set

Mike Thomas, holy hell, is this the spaceship forum or the Maslow forum :joy::rofl:

Robert, I’d be glad to update the thingiverse files or you can post a Remix and I’ll reference it. You can take my username here and put gmail dot com on the end of it if you want to send me an email.

Keep up the good work guys. I’ve been busy working on spaceships myself, details at

On spring break right now, but focusing on school above all else lately.


Wow…I have been reading this post with all the updates. Just wanted to say that I built the original designed version of this sled. Meticulous’s original version. I still have it, I still use it. It works fine on my Maslow with no weights at all. Can’t say I need to upgrade it when it works just as it is! A great design right out of the box!

Although the suped up version looks like it doesn’t even need Maslow! Set it on a piece of plywood and it follows a program and cuts out the parts. Kinda like one of those vacuums. Very Cool! :wink:


Excellent, my plan worked! A combination of two of my favorite hobbies! :smiley: :smiley:

Quick, let’s all build models of our favorite spaceships using our Maslows. I’d either have to make the Agamemnon or something from the first Homeworld game.

Back on topic:

That is fantastic! I’m glad it’s served you well thus far.

Out of curiosity, a lot of people ask about the rigidity of the linear rails while the machine is cutting. In your experience, have you had any problems with them deflecting? If you are seeing deflection, under what cutting conditions (tooling, depth of cut, feed and speed) does it happen?

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I really haven’t noticed. But then, I really haven’t looked either. I guess I will have to pay attention on the next cut.


This forum sure has been full of great information and its wonderful seeing everyone’s hard work come together! Im completely new here and haven’t had my Maslow long before realizing I’m pushing the limits of the z-axis. So I ordered all of the parts and I’m planning to start my journey on this project tomorrow. I’m finding myself a tad nervous in that I’m not sure i completely understand the order of operations and I do not have much experience with tool changes. I plan to print the file with the guide holes for the ring system and print the dust collection system out of plywood for the time being. Should I run the pre-drill file first? I do not currently have a 1.5mm or an engraving bit. How much will missing these two bits prevent me from making progress on this build?