The October 25th Update is Posted

I used to always post a link to the updates here for anyone who doesn’t want to subscribe to the email version. I got out of the habit of doing that, but I’d like to bring it back.

This week we found out why our motors took three weeks to clear customs. It was because they were selected for a CET (Contraband Enforcement Team) inspection. After three weeks it was determined that our container contained no contraband and it was released. Community member Jim Meyers took these awesome photos of the CMA CGM T. JEFFERSON unloading our motors (along with a lot of other things) way back on October 3rd.

I also put together a quick video which talks about my process for going from a CAD design in OnShape to gcode which can be found here:

Finally, there were more good software changes this week so don’t forget to update!

The full update can be found here

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another way to go from onshape to g-code is in the video linked in this thread Good video showing the CAM workflow in onshape

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