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“Adding anchor bolts directly into a concrete slab is a great option if you are able to drill into the floor of your shop. You don’t need a frame, you only need 4 bolts, 4 drop in anchors and access to a hammer drill. And with the Maslow stored away and the bolts removed from the floor you don’t have to worry about running over your anchor points with your table saw, or car.”

Nice! Welcome to drill holes in my garage and/or workshop floors if you’re looking to try this out at other places in the Seattle area? Have multiple floor types and areas if you want to experiment. Would be happy to help create and share video if that’s ok? I have SDS hammer drills.


Any suggestions what to do with asphault?

David Lang

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Excellent question. I think it would be possible to anchor into it, but the anchor might need to be a little deeper since it’s somewhat soft.

These are expensive and overkill for what we need, but it seems like there are some options out there:

Put an appropriately sized setscrew into the anchor to keep out the crud, you might still have to pick out the hex slot but it’ll keep the insert from filling up. It’s from the Abom79 machining youtube channel, Adam puts anchors for pulling machines in his driveway and the setscrews (I think he uses SS) to fill them when they’re unused.

I don’t have room inside in the southern abode,but we do have an outside concrete pad that we rarely use that I was planning as an interim M4 station until we head back north. I am hoping that this mounting technique will be acceptable to the Mrs