Wednesday Oct 18th Update is Posted...with Molds! ๐ŸŽ‰

This is the coolest one, but click the link to see the rest!


Nice to see that the caulk holds the anchors. You asked for ideas to hold the plywood down. Use the same caulk to glue down small skirt strips (or partial strips) on all 4 sides. That way you donโ€™t mess up the wood your cutting and they are easy to remove

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If your concrete is smooth you could just use double sided woodworking tape to secure the skirt. Would both give support for the sled and hold the plywood. The tape is pretty thin so would have minimal effect on sled angle. Or one could machine down the strips the thickness of the tape.

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I think both of those ideas would work really well.

Someone in the KS comments told me about this stuff

Iโ€™ve ordered some to give it a try

Havenโ€™t used that in a workshop environment, but have used it under rugs to prevent slipping on hardwood or concrete floors. It lost some effectiveness once it collected dust/dirt

I agree, I would expect the dust to be a problem but a bunch of folks have said that itโ€™s fantastic for sanding and routing so I think itโ€™s worth a shot