These guys don't know about the Maslow

12x12 inch hobby CNC $600 ???


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The copyright at the bottom of the page is 2011. Is it just horribly out of date?

While the Maslow definitely is a hobby machine, I’m not sure we fit in that category from the article. I mean, the largest bed is 3’ x 6’? Time to write a new article if you ask me :wink:


There is a use for smaller Cartesian machines. Depends what you want to cut.

I’m currently eyeing a C-Beam machine from OpenBuilds to mill enclosures from aluminum and PVC.


That’s a pretty cute little machine. I’ve been thinking about buying/making a Shapeoko for a small, more rigid CNC myself. As awesome as the Maslow is, I also would like to have more options. Now all I need is to bring enough work in to justify buying all these CNC’s xD

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I invested in the Shapeoko 3 on a whim. I had / have a light weight marking laser. A guy making software for it made a laser attachment for the Shapoko 2. The Shapeoko 3 was in a crowd funding space and I save a few hundred.

if you check out my buddy Winston Moy on youtube he is able to do some really interesting stuff on it.

Thank you

I’d like to know how it turns out and maybe what it ended up costing you.

I’m sitting a couple feet from a stack of v-slot and 8020, and was an openbuilds KS backer, bout time it goes into something


I have a 2’x4’ CNC that I built out of aluminum extrusions (after first building a wood version from the ‘build your own cnc’ book. It works well, and the cost depends on how well you can scavenge parts (we used an old PC, ad steppers from surplus stores), we estimate that including false starts, burned out parts, the router to mount on it, etc the machine cost us ~$500.


Sure thing. Should be arriving in a month or two.

I have an OpenBuilds C-Beam. Bought it right after the kit was released.

The only major complaint I have is the bed lacks rigidity. The smaller one (500X500) uses a centered actuator to support the work table, It deflects visibly with just hand pressure. That said, it has been an EXCELLENT addition to my shop, I have cut all sorts of things with it (including most of the plates for its replacement, as well as all the plates I needed for the 3D printer modifications). Aluminum, plastic, wood, no problems with any of it.

The easiest modification I am aware of for addressing the flex is to use a pair of fully-supported 12 mm rails and linear bearings to support the bed. I’ve also seen people use 1/4 aluminum plate for the work surface, with a piece of MDF or ply on top as a spoilboard. I still plan to do both, and have the parts to do this out in the shop, but I have been more focused on getting my Maslow assembled and operational.