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Throwing my hat in the sled modification ring


It’s probably not, just waiting for power to be installed in my shed, so gives me something to do :wink:


Extension cord? Here, depending on length, I’d use a #12AWG (20A at moderate lengths) minimum, but you 220ers could get by with lighter gauges.

The time I tried using an electric heater through 200 feet of #12 (ham shack in a field) didn’t work so well…


What about making plywood rings and sandwich them to mimic the alu-ring?
And then use these rollers on that.


Oooooo I like that because that’s something you could cut with Maslow


Ive seen the rollers somewhere sold as ‘small rollerskate wheels’

This could save a few coins, as the alu-part between the rollers can also be cut on the maslow


Apologies for the extreme long link


The shed is 50m (150 feet) away. I want to weld my frame together. I think it is wise to wait, don’t want to do it close to the house, last time had weld marks on our windows… Oops


I’d dig out the size vs distance vs current chart.

You could get the wire you’re going to bury (or run over hear) and use it as a temporary extension cord. Just don’t mow over it or let the pets chew on it.

My SP140 mig runs off a 120v outlet so you 220 guys should be OK. Hang a welding tarp over the window


I can’t speak to accuracy since I’ve never done any CNC let alone anything with Maslow (yet) but needing to cut an accurate part so you can cut an accurate part seems a little backwards. I’d opt for an of the shelf solution. Maybe you were implying someone with an accurate Maslow already could cut them.


Oh yeah, I 100% agree that the right solution is that the kit will ship with a precision laser cut ring. I’ve found that the tolerances on bent things or asking people to cut their own are not nearly tight enough. I think we’re just throwing ideas around…maybe we’ll learn something new :grinning:


It’s challanging, but not impossible.

The key is that an inaccurate maslow is still very repeatable, if you tell it to
cut the same thing 5 times in the same place, you will have 5 identical parts

Now, you aren’t going to cut usable circles this way, but you can cut linkage
arms that are consistant enough to be used, and that ill then give you an
accurate maslow that you could use to cut nicer arms.


Hi @bar I have been reading about the ‘ring’ on another thread that i now cant find. Basically i purchased a kit and am awaiting it as part of the Feb batch. I tried and failed to buy one of the other linkage kits as etsy didnt like my address. Basically i was going to DIY a ring but I can see that the official ring is in beta and nearly there so was wondering if one will be included in the kits still waiting to be shipped and if not can i pay a bit more to upgrade and have one included? My AEG router arrived yesterday and so I have just been looking at its bag and now cant wait for my Maslow! Cheers for all the hard work on the project for you and all those who contribute. Now i need to go hunt down a chopping board big enough to make my slippy sled out of.


Above is the link to the Jan 3rd update. It has information about the ring system itself and it’s availability.


the kits that ship out in febuary will include something that makes them support
triangulated kinematics. That is currently expected to be the ring.


Perfect… I will look forward to the suprise of what will be the chosen solution when I open the box. I was going to buy your kit @dlang until i heard about the ring so have been waiting to see how this pans out with the 3 options. To be honest the tolerences of give or take 1mm are fine for what I expect to be making. Im more interested in improvements in accuracy to the edges of the workspace and to just generally see a comparison of how the options compare.


There are a couple other threads showing very encouraging accuracy numbers with the new firmware and ring/linkage arrangements - even out to the edges of the sheet. It also sounds like an updated frame design is quite likely by the time the February kits arrive that will further refine and rule out possible sources of inaccuracy.

I’m also on the February waiting list and itching to make stuff. Much stuff!


Seems like to make the sled more slipper, a thin piece of glass or plexiglass glue to the work area would make it slide very easily. Or even carmax the plywood, yes?


Yes, putting something slippery on the bottom of the sled helps a lot.

David Lang


Hi I am just wondering,

  1. is the Maslow triangulation linkage kit - still more acurate than the updated Maslow Ring System Sled -


nobody has done a head-to-head comparison of them.

@bee is working on this

David Lang


My gut says yes, slightly, but as @dlang says, the comparison hasn’t been done. The reason I suspect the linkage kit is more accurate is that the chain has more leverage on the arm to make it move than the carriage on the ring. As someone once said, “Without data, you’re just another opinion,” so take my opinion with a grain of salt.