TIL (Assembly suggestions)

Just about finished assembly.

A few suggestions/ideas:
Before starting, if you don’t have a 2mm Allen wrench handle, make yourself one from a 3/4" dowel or 3d print one. I took a 1" length of dowel, drilled a 2mm hole through it end to end then added a saw kerf on one end going half way down. Insert the provided Allen wrench into it and you will save yourself a lot of time and frustration.

Assembling the arms
I found that placing the rollers into the same half as the gears when putting two arm haves together was easier. I also used a small rubber mallet to encourage the two halves to mate together, being very careful to ensure everything was in it’s proper place and position beforehand.
A small rubber mallet also makes inserting the belts into the belt ends much easier (tap lightly).

Assembling the router
A 1/4" dowel will hold the nut in place while assembling the uprights, allowing you put the bolt in from the top. You only need about a 6 inch length. (Maybe future kits will provide one?)



Those are excellent suggestions!

I especially like the Allen wrench handle…brilliant!

Thanks! You could also use a cork if you had one laying around.

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Here’s the other “tool” I used to make assembly so much easier:


I, too, gave up on the allen key and got a 2mm “driver”. It is much better!

I also agree with your suggestion for the belt/gear assembly. I found it quite easy tbh - put your foot on the loose end, on the floor, then you can tension, position, and adjust with two hands before clamping together.