To big to cut 5 by 10 panel

I am thinking about building one of these but I will need to go out to 5 by 10 foot. cutting fiberglass skins
I know I’d have to make the top bar much longer for the top using 2 by 2 steel but worried about the weight of the chains on the motor

the weight of the chains should not be a problem, use the spreadsheet to
experiment with different top beam lengths and heights.

David Lang

David thank you what spread sheet ? cant seam to down load t Ground Control

at this point webcontrol (the topic you are posting in) is recommended over
ground control

David Lang

i been read about this type set up for the last 4 day don’t know who who . trying to find the webcontrol down load .thank you for the link but locked. I want to know if it works for my needs . before I buy all that aluminum tubing for a movable frame old person

makermade offers longer chains so you can go past the original 4’ x 8’ restriction

the fields that set dimensions should be available (or you can copy the entire
page to your own account)

David Lang

I modified mine to be able to cut 4x8 but I’m pretty sure that it could cut 5x10. My motors eventually gave out but that is probably because I used them a TON. -I’m pretty sure that the use of bungees or a counterweight system is what helps to make it easier on the motors.

When using the whole 4X8 sheet in you project. What kind of errors did you see across the sheet. I am attempting to use a whole sheet for a project and I am getting ~1/2 an inch of stretch on the height. ie. a cut on the opposite end of the sheet is occurring a 48.5 inch instead of 48 and all my circles are ovals.